Frequently Asked Questions

A digital mailbox is a service that allows users to receive their postal mail and packages at a remote physical address and manage their mail digitally from anywhere, at any time.

A digital mailbox works by allowing users to redirect their mail to a physical address managed by a digital mailbox provider. iPostal1 scans the outside of the mail and packages received and gives users access to view and manage their mail through a website or app.

The benefits of using a digital mailbox include being able to receive and manage mail and packages remotely, having a physical street address for mail and packages, increased privacy, and protection against mail and package theft.

Yes, you can receive packages through a digital mailbox as long as the digital mailbox provider offers real street addresses, not just a standard postal box. iPostal1 offers real street addresses, so packages may be received through our digital mailboxes.

Yes, you can receive mail from multiple carriers including the USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL through a digital mailbox as long as the provider offers real street addresses.

You can access your mail through a digital mailbox by logging into the iPostal1 website or app. The provider will have scanned the outside of your mail and packages and you can view and manage them from there.

You can receive any type of mail and package through a digital mailbox since iPostal1 offers real street addresses. This includes letters, packages, and magazines.

Yes, you can use your digital mailbox address for business purposes such as registering your company, upgrading your business image, or creating a presence in multiple markets.

Yes, you can manage your digital mailbox from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. 

You can redirect your mail to your digital mailbox by filing a Temporary Change of Address form with the USPS and/or notifying senders directly.

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